This is NOT a Paid Advertisement

I want to talk about a product that I use on my car that, quite honestly, I would now never drive without it. These days the market is filled with products and gadgets for your car and it’s difficult to know whether or not they are worth your hard-earned money. This product is the real deal and, whether you drive just a little or spend a lot of time behind the wheel, I guarantee it will make your life easier.

The product is called Aquapel. It’s not a new product and many of you have probably already heard of it.

But what is Aquapel? Here is some information that I took directly from their website:

Aquapel Glass Treatment is your chance to change the way drivers see the road in the rain. Designed for professional application on windshields, side windows, rear windows, Aquapel is a long-lasting glass treatment that:

  • Repels rain for remarkably improved vision
  • Makes it easier to clear ice, snow and even dirt
  • Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night
  • Helps reduce water marks and keeps down salt water

But that’s from their own website. Obviously, they are going to say that their product is fantastic in every way. So, here’s the HonestDrive review:

Applying the Product

I recommend doing it yourself. It isn’t hard as long as you’re willing to use a little elbow grease. The process will take you around 30 minutes. The first step is cleaning your windshield and making sure it is completely dirt and grease-free. I would even recommend washing it twice with the strongest product you can find to ensure it’s clean. Second, using the convenient applicator, spread the product completely over the entire windshield. Finally, with a few clean cloths, rub your windshield until it is completely dry and appears to be grease-free. At this point your applicator might still have product left in it, so you may want to repeat.

A few words of caution: it’s important not to let the product dry on its own, so it’s best not to apply the product when your windshield is very hot and the sun is shining on it. In these conditions it will dry in a matter of seconds. It can cause hazing on your windshield. Trust me, I know this from first-hand experience!

What’s so good about it?

Driving in the rain during the day

  • Visibility is greatly improved as water forms in little droplets on your windshield instead of smudging.
  • When traveling over 70 km/h or about 45 mph you no longer have to use your windshield wipers as the water repels off the glass for near perfect visibility.

Driving in the rain at night

  • Visibility is again greatly improved as water forms in little droplets on your windshield. However, two different situations come into play at night:
    • The first is when there are no street lights or lights from other vehicles. This is when the product is at its best. You literally don’t need your windshield wipers. Visibility is perfect and it is as if it wasn’t even raining.
    • The second is when you’re driving on lit roads. The water droplets left on the windshield seem to amplify the surrounding lights so you need to use your wipers a little more, but you’re still way better off than if you didn’t have the product.

Driving during the winter

  • Snow, ice, sleet and, worst of all, salt that is put on roads during the winter make visibility less than perfect. Aquapel works during the winter, as well. It helps repel all that bad stuff and prevents it from sticking to your windshield. The results are:
    • You won’t have to use your wipers as much.
    • You will have to use much less windshield wiper fluid to keep your windshield clean. Which probably means less time stopping by the side of the road because you’ve ran out.
    • You will have a much easier winter.

What’s not so good about it?

  • The website mentions that the product is useful for your car’s side and rear windows. I’ve tried it and haven’t really noticed any differences. I had hoped that the rear window of my Escape would get less dirty in winter but unfortunately I wasn’t able to see a difference.
  • Depending on your amount of driving, you’ll have to reapply the product between one to three times per year. As the product gets worn down, the parts of the windshield which get the most rubbing from your wipers will start to get ugly. Basically, you get stuck with a windshield that’s partly protected and partly not and that’s worse than not having the product at all. This means you’re basically have to reapply. However, one to three times per year is a lot better than competitive products like Rain-X.

The product can be bought online or at most auto repair and aesthetic shops. Trying is believing.