$1,000,000 Dream

Calling all car geeks! This post is for you.

Last week I was having a discussion with a friend that every car enthusiast in the world has had at one point or another in their lifetime, probably multiple times. The gist of our discussion went like this, you’re given 1 million dollars and you have to spend it on 5 cars, what do you buy? There are thousands of different possibilities to this questions and the fact of the matter is, they’re all right, as it’s purely based on personal choice.

But I thought I would extend the discussion, have a little fun and make post out of it. Before I go into my selections there are a few ground rules that we need to cover:

  • Whatever you don’t spend, you lose.
  • These would be the only 5 cars that you would be allowed to drive. This is important, mostly for people that live in cold climates, as you may not want to pick 5 super cars and have to end up driving one during a snow storm.
  • Taxes are exempt from vehicle pricing estimates.
  • Only current year stock manufacturer vehicles are eligible.

Here are my 5 selections:

My first choice was easy and was made without any hesitation. Although Ferrari decided to turbocharge this model, I still believe it is the epitome of a super car. A mid-engined 3.9-litre, twin turbo V8 pushing out 661 hp. That’s sounds like a whole lot of fun to me. Not to mention it’s a Ferrari and is absolutely beautiful.

1- Ferrari 488 GTBĀ  – Approximate price: $275,000

My second choice was just about as easy as the first. Porsche has been working on making the 911 better and better for over 50 years. It is a timeless everyday super car and no car collection is complete without it. I’ve chosen an all-wheel drive version because it would allow me to drive it year round with confidence. Nothing looks cooler than a 911 4s in the snow with a roof rack!

2- Porsche 911 4S – Approximate price: $150,000

My third choice took some reflection. I figured I needed an SUV. There is no substitute for ground clearance when the snow is a few feet deep. I also tend to enjoy driving off the beaten path from time to time. For some reason, I’ve always had an interest in the Ford Raptor, yes, I know, it’s a pick-up truck, but it’s awesome, unfortunately there isn’t a current model available. The 2017 Raptor will only be available this fall. Disqualified. Now, what SUV looks at home next to a Ferrari and a Porsche? In my opinion there are three options, first, the Bentley Bentayga, but it’s so ugly that I had to discard it. Second, the Mercedes G63 AMG, I’ve always loved this truck, so much power, so capable, but for some reason, I find it’s a little too much Rodeo Drive and not enough muddy back road drive. Finally, our winner, the Range Rover. Not the sport version that can be seen on every street corner these days, but the real one, the big boy. It’s supercharged, it’s fast and it can go anywhere. I just need to hire my own mechanic, but that’s in the details.

3- Range Rover Supercharged – Approximate price: $120,000

My fourth and fifth choices are interlinked as it was becoming a numbers game. I felt I needed to add a daily driver that looked great, had power, all-wheel drive, space and wouldn’t look like a scrub next to the other cars. I also wanted something special, a car that you may only see on the roads once in your lifetime.

My first combination was an Audi S6 and a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. I love the F12, it’s beautiful and has a monster v12 in the front, but due to it’s unbelievably high price tag, I would be forced to downgrade with my daily driver. The Audi S6 is a fast and capable sedan, but lacks some of the space that I would get from my other option. My second combination was a Mercedes E63 AMG wagon and an Aston Martin Vanquish. The E63 checks all the boxes and does it with an exhaust note that Pavarotti would be proud of, plus it’s a wagon! The Vanquish is just about as beautiful as the F12 but just doesn’t have the same ”wow” factor. Than again, nothing does compared to a Ferrari, but I do already have one in the garage.

After much deliberation, I selected the Mercedes and the Aston Martin. I figured I’d be spending the most time in the Mercedes, so it’s best I make it the first priority.

4- Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon – Approximate price: $125,000

5- Aston Martin Vanquish – Approximate price: $310,000

honestdrive.com Mercedes e63 amg wagon.png
Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon

I’m really interested in knowing what you think about my 5 choices and even more, what your 5 would be? Don’t be shy, chime in!

Lane Etiquette

Lane etiquette is something I feel quite strongly about and feel that many accidents could be avoided if people respected a few simple unwritten rules. No one is perfect on the road and there are always exceptions to these rules, but being conscious of them can go a long way.

Two lane highways are simple and I feel that most drivers understand how they work. The right lane is for driving and the left lane is for passing. Of course, certain high volume traffic situations lead to both lanes being fairly crowded, in this case, you should be in the lane which best matches your cruising speed. If that happens to be the left and faster traffic approaches to the rear you should move to the right lane when it’s safe to do so in order to let them pass.

Highways with three lanes is where things get complicated for many drivers. I’ve spoken to a few and this is what many of them thought and really what I see on a daily basis: the right lane is for merging, the middle lane for driving and the left lane for passing. This is incorrect. I will now explain the correct way to travel on a three-lane highway in moderate to high volume traffic situations.

The on-ramp or acceleration lane is of course for accelerating, in order for drivers to merge into the right lane at a speed that matches the flow of traffic.

The right lane is usually the slowest lane, if you’re on a slow cruise and it happens to be Sunday afternoon, this is probably the correct lane for you. If you like to travel slightly under or at the speed limit this is usually also the best lane to be in. It is the simplest and safest. You are only exposed on one side, you are the farthest from oncoming traffic and you can’t be passed on the right, we will see why that’s important later on. When in this lane and approaching an acceleration lane, check for approaching vehicles, if there happens to be one and you can safely move to the middle lane, do so. If the middle lane is too crowded, remain in your lane and let the merging vehicle make the decision to either speed up or slow down. He yields to you.

The middle lane is the most complicated and misunderstood lane. Traffic in this lane should be moving faster than the traffic on the right. If you are in the middle lane and someone approaches you from the rear at a higher speed and the right lane is clear, you should move over. Most drivers in the middle lane believe that it is always up to the faster approaching vehicle to pass them on the left. This is only true if the right lane is too crowded to make a safe lane change. When slow moving drivers stay in the middle lane, it has the effect of bogging down traffic as faster drivers accumulate behind them and try to pass on either side.

Also, on most three-lane highways, trucks are not allowed to be in the left lane, which means if you are being tailed by a truck, you should move over, the reason he isn’t passing you in the left lane and is blinding you with his lights is because he isn’t allowed to. The middle lane is also the most dangerous, as you are exposed on both sides and more people tend to cut in and out of this lane.

Finally, the left lane is for traffic moving the fastest. If you are driving at speed and approaching a slower vehicle in this lane, do not pass them on the right. The correct thing to do is to slow down and wait behind them until they make a proper lane change. Most highway accidents happen when faster vehicles move to pass on the right while the slower vehicle makes a simultaneous lane change.

This whole post comes down to two things, it’s very simple, yield to faster moving traffic and never pass on the right.